Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know User Common Questions

No separate Documents required for CFT program. Insured required to give only documents required for claims.

a.Cancel Cheque of policy holder
b.PAN card and Adhaar Card of Policy Holder
c.PAN card or Adhaar Card of Patient
d.2 passport size photos of policy holder if claim amount is above 1 lakh.

a.Total 3 cheque required
i.Cancel Cheque for claim
ii.1 rupee cheque in the name of D Corporation
iii.Loan Amount cheque in the name of D Corporation

Any person who is ready to repay us after claim settlement and allowing us to handle claim.

D Corporation is providing 0% loan for medical treatment only. To reduce misuse of our service, we are paying directly to Hospital.

Because your chosen hospital is not empanelled with Insurance Company and Hospital has just advised you for this alternative. This service is optional.

a.Claim form
b.Ckyc Form if claim amount is more than 1 lakh

Normally, Patient need give 1 (One) rupee cheaque for initiating process and post dated cheaque of loan amount, which will be
deposited after claim settlement.

We do not charge patient for our services, Interest is 0% for 90 days from the DOA or 3 days from Claim Settlement. No Interest or any charge for timely payment.

As we are paying for the treatment, Patient need to pay after getting claim settlement or 90 days from settlement, whichever is earlier.