CFT, Cash Free Treatment!

Yes, you seen correct we are providing Cost Free Treatment in the form of our CFT Program.

Be Ready For perfect Cashless Alternative

What is CFT?

The CFT Program combines elements of insurance and banking to provide more benefits than drawbacks. It involves a hybrid process of cashless and reimbursement claim processes aimed at enhancing healthcare facilities. Our team is committed to making every effort to improve the quality of healthcare services.

The impact of COVID-19 on the world has been significant, bringing about changes that were once thought to be unthinkable and unpredictable. The pandemic has revealed several weaknesses in the healthcare sector, which is why we have introduced the CFT program. This program is designed to strengthen the healthcare sector and address the vulnerabilities that have been exposed by the pandemic.

Give your patients a hassle-free claim and hospital experience

Why CFT?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses of India's healthcare infrastructure. Due to geographic constraints, patients often seek treatment at the nearest hospital, which are usually smaller and located in remote areas. However, patients with health insurance policies may overlook these hospitals and opt for cashless empaneled hospitals even though this hospitals are far from home, potentially due to financial concerns or the influence of insurance agents. Insurance agents often recommend cashless empaneled hospitals due to the ease of documentation work. However, smaller hospitals may struggle to obtain empanelment or manage the cashless claim process, making it difficult for patients to utilize their insurance policies effectively.

Our program is designed to address these challenges and improve the reach of smaller hospitals. By offering support and assistance to these hospitals, we aim to bridge the gap between patients and quality healthcare services. We believe that our program will not only benefit patients, but also strengthen the healthcare infrastructure of India.

CFT Process

1) The hospital will reach out to the patient to offer the CFT program and collect their basic information.
2) Hospital will send the Insurance policy and KYC documents to us.
3) In the meantime, Our staff will reach at location and attain the patient.
4) Our staff will take sign on our first form, which will be for consent of Handling Claim Process.
5) Our staff will take sign on our second form, which will be for Interest Free Loan Agreement.
6) We will pay to Hospital at the time of Discharge.
7) Insured required to repay us generally after claim settlement.

How CFT is Better Option in Compare to Cashless Facility?

Hospital Gets Cashless Alternative Facility for All Insurance Company with a sign of Single Contract.

All our contract has smaller length comparing Single Contract of any Insurance Company i.e. 1/4 only.

Hospital does not came under any obligations or requirements of getting NABH Certifications.

As we all know NABH Certificate required high Infrastructure and high amount of Paper work, over and above this costs, separate fees will charge by NABH for every years.

Hospital gets single communication for dispute redressal if any.

As such our program is created in a way that chances of disputes will be rare. In Normal process, hospital required to contact different people for each company.

Hospital gets their Payment on time and No after discharge Deductions.

In Cashless process, Hospital gets the payment on an average of 45 days from the discharge. Also, Payment releases in a random order, so their is high chance of payment lapse.

My blog

It is understandable to have doubts about a new concept. We are well-prepared to address any concerns you may have. To help you find answers, we have compiled a list of common questions and provided them in our blogs. Please feel free to refer to them, and if you still have any doubts, our team is available to answer your questions. We are committed to working tirelessly to address any concerns you may have, and we appreciate your trust in our program.


For Finance

We are legally license holder for Lending money.

For Insurance

We are doing Claim Handling for the Insured, So with consent we working for Insurance.

We are not recognized and not required to get authorized by IRDA or Any Insurance Company as we are not working for Insurer.