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Why CFT?

We Can Do Every Single IT Solution Together

Our program is crafted to solve the problems of cashless facility and expand the reach of smaller hospitals. Through our support and assistance to these healthcare facilities, we aspire to bridge the gap between patients and high-quality healthcare services. We firmly believe that our program will not only benefit patients but also strengthening the healthcare infrastructure of India. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where healthcare is accessible and affordable at every place.

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Our Mission

 Our mission is to strengthen small hospital units and expand their reach

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CFT for Patients

CFT program is an Alternative and upgraded version of Cashless Facility

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No financial Burden

We are paying on your behalf.

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Zero Paperwork

We will do your Claim procedure.

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Query Responses

We will respond for query.

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Deductions Support

We will do recovery of deductions other than Non payable Items .

What we offering

Features of CFT program

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What is CFT ?

The CFT Program combines elements of insurance and banking to provide more benefits than drawbacks. It involves a hybrid process of cashless and reimbursement claim processes aimed at enhancing healthcare facilities. In CFT program, Insured/policyholder gets a Interest Free Loan for their hospitalisation expenses, which they required to repay us after Claim Settlement.

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Who are we?

CFT program is started by D Corporation. We are recognised as “Startup” by Government of India under #StartupIndia Scheme. We have license for Lending money.

CFT program is started by D Corporation. We are recognised as “Startup” by Government of India under #StartupIndia Scheme. We have license for Lending money.


Claims managed


Policy studied


Client Satisfaction

How CFT works?

Process in CFT program

Common questions from Patient Side

No separate Documents required for CFT program. Insured required to give only documents required for claims.

a.Cancel Cheque of policy holder
b.PAN card and Adhaar Card of Policy Holder
c.PAN card or Adhaar Card of Patient
d.2 passport size photos of policy holder if claim amount is above 1 lakh.

a.Total 3 cheque required
i.Cancel Cheque for claim
ii.1 rupee cheque in the name of D Corporation
iii.Loan Amount cheque in the name of D Corporation

Any person who is ready to repay us after claim settlement and allowing us to handle claim.