CFT for Hospital

Hospitals often strive for a cashless process, but sometimes they face obstacles that prevent them from achieving this goal. The CFT program is an ideal solution for hospitals in such situations as it provides a competitive advantage that goes beyond the benefits of a cashless facility. By utilizing the CFT program, hospitals can improve their market position and attract more patients.

Core Benefits

• Zero Documentation for Hospital
• NABH is not required
• Single Contract instead of Multiple MOU
• No pre-fixed Terrif and Package
• No Audit Obligations
• No TPA staff required
• No TDS Deduction
• No GST applicability

Process for Hospital

To begin offering the program to patients, the hospital is required to join our network. After this, the hospital will required to inform us for patient, and our staff will be dispatched to initiate the process. We have simplified our services at each level for the comfort of Hospital as well as patients. Currently we taking hospital on invitation only.