CFT for Insured

CFT program is designed for Insured/policyholders considering them as a end users, as for us hospital is a platform. In CFT program, Insured/policyholder gets a Interest free loan for their hospitalization expenses. Normally they have to repay us after claim settlement.

With taking CFT program, Person become a member of our family and we are pledge to stay with them in any situation. Which mean CFT program does not means only Cost Free Treatment but it also means Concern Free Treatment.

Add on Benefits for Insured

• No Financial Cash Burden
• Zero Documentation for Insured
• Hassle free Pre-Hospitalization Claims
• Hassle free Post-Hospitalization Claims
• Zero Claim follow-up
• Faster Claim Clearance

Basic Requirements

Insured required to provide KYC documents and post dated signed cheque of loan amount.

No charges

Insured does not required to pay single rupees for this service.