In cashless facility, how much delay in payment is faced by hospitals?

In cashless facilities for health insurance in India, hospitals may face delays in receiving payments from insurance companies. The amount of delay can vary depending on several factors such as the insurance company's internal processes, the completeness and accuracy of the claim documents submitted by the hospital, and the complexity of the medical treatment provided.

In some cases, hospitals may face delays of a few weeks to a few months in receiving payments from insurance companies for cashless medical treatments. The delay can be particularly significant if there are discrepancies or errors in the claim documents submitted by the hospital, which can require additional time for the insurance company to verify and process the claim.

It is worth noting that delays in payment can also occur in reimbursement-based health insurance, where the policyholder pays for the medical treatment upfront and is later reimbursed by the insurance company. In such cases, the delay can be longer as the insurance company may take time to verify the claim and process the reimbursement.

Overall, delays in payment are a common challenge faced by hospitals in the cashless facility of health insurance in India. Hospitals may need to have adequate financial resources and processes in place to manage these delays and ensure continuity of their operations.